Aces Lager is brewed with ..

AROMA: Low levels of maltiness with a hint of citrus hop undertones from late hopping with J17 variety.

APPEARANCE: Pale golden in colour and crystal clear from the filtration process, white frothy head which lingers.

FLAVOUR: Well balanced flavours between maltiness and bitterness, without one overpowering the other. Medium hop bitterness which doesn’t linger with slight hop flavours, giving a crisp and clean lager

MOUTHFEELMedium-Light in body with just enough carbonation

OVERALL IMPRESSION:  Easy-drinking and refreshing, clean and light

INGREDIENTS:  100% malt with South African 2-row and imported caramel malt used. Southern Promise used for bittering and J17 used as an aroma hop 




AROMA:  Light sweet malty aroma, low to moderate fruitiness, low hop aroma.

APPEARANCE: Rich gold colour. Clear to brilliant, Medium white head with fair to good retention.

FLAVOUR: Initial soft malty sweetness, with some light character malt flavor. Light to moderate hop flavor as well as medium to low bitterness, balance leaning towards the malty flavors. Finishes medium-dry to somewhat sweet.

MOUTHFEEL:  Medium-light body. Medium to high carbonation. Smooth without harsh bitterness or astringency.

OVERALL IMPRESSION:  Easy-drinking, approachable, malt oriented American craft beer.

INGREDIENTS:  All Malt brew, any hop variety can be used. Lightly fruity English yeast is used. Honey and spices added.




AROMA: A light to moderate wheat aroma (Perceived as bready or grainy) may be present but no other malt characteristics. No diacetyl or DMS.

APPEARANCE: Pale Straw to very dark gold in colour with a very thick, mousy, long lasting white head. Since this is a Kristal Weiss based on the Bavarian wheat beer, it should be crystal clear but can often have a slight protein haze.

FLAVOUR: Low to moderate strong banana and clove flavor. Reasonably balanced and fairly prominent. The soft, somewhat bready or grainy flavor of wheat is typical of a Bavarian Weizen.  Hop flavor is very low to none, and hop bitterness is low. A Tart, citrusy character from yeast and high carbonation is often present. Well rounded, flavorful palate with a relatively dry finish.

MOUTHFEEL:  Medium body. The texture of wheat imparts the sensation of fluffy, creamy fullness that may progress to a light, spritzy finish aided by high carbonation. Always effervescent.

OVERALL IMPRESSION:  A pale, Spicy, fruity, refreshing wheat based ale.

INGREDIENTS:  50% of the grist is malted wheat with some caramel and pilsner malt. A special weizen ale yeast is used to produce the typical clove and fruity characters and a small amount of noble hops are used for bitterness.




AROMA:  Low to moderate malt aroma, caramel like but occasionally toasty or toffee like in nature. Hop aroma is low to none.

APPEARANCE: Amber to deep reddish copper colour, Clear. Off-white to tan colored head.

FLAVOUR: Moderate caramel malt flavor and sweetness. Finishes with a light taste of roasted grain, which lends dryness to the finish. Medium to low hop bitterness. Clean and smooth.

MOUTHFEEL:  Medium body, moderate carbonation, smooth, well attenuated.

OVERALL IMPRESSION:  An easy drinking pint, malt focused with an initial sweetness and a roasted malty dryness in the finish.

INGREDIENTS:  Brewed with roasted amber and black malt to provide the reddish color and the dry roasted finish. Kent hops, Ale yeast.





AROMA: A citrus aroma mixed with tropical fruits and floral with hints of earth and grass.

APPEARANCE: A medium golden touch.

FLAVOUR: Expect huge tropical and citrus fruit flavour with prominent bitterness from start to finish.

MOUTHFEEL: Medium bodied.

OVERALL IMPRESSION: A true American style Indian Pale Ale for the serious hophead.

INGREDIENTS: Water, malted barley, hops and yeast, providing a golden appearance that is warm and sunny.